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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

D. GOBBI - ART DECO Postcards

This post shines a spotlight on six art deco designs all signed by the artist, D. Gobbi.  We were unable to find any information about this artist, although his/her designs are popular among deltiologists.  This design shows a flirting couple with a flowering tree covered with brilliant yellow blossoms.

Flat cards with vivid images, glamorous couples and ladies, designs with gold added are typical of this artist's work, which appears to have flourished in the 1920s.  We are particularly fond of Gobbi designs that feature Oriental or Arabic art deco imagery and we have chosen from that genre for this post.  The artist also created a range of pretty images in the Colonial art deco style which you can find listed for sale on eBay. 

This is our personal favorite, of a romantic couple beside a flowering tree covered in pink blossoms.  The design has vivid colors and comes complete with a dragon.  The couple wears gorgeous clothing and the man's outfit features a dragon motif.

Price Estimates:  Prices vary on the rarity of the design.  So far, the dragon design is the image we have seen sold at the highest price.  Expect to pay $20 - $50 per postcard, depending on condition and design desirability.  This estimate is for D. Gobbi postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and it is only an estimate.