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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Children on Antique Postcards

There are lots of antique Valentine postcards with Cupid delivering arrows to tender hearts and couples in the throes of romance, but this post focuses on the old Valentine postcards with    children in the design.  The postcard that opens the post, with lovely young girls on a gold Be My Valentine banner, is published by John Winsch with his signature fancy lettering and rich embossing. 

These beautiful fantasy girls in pale yellow roses appear on a variety of holiday postcards published by Ernest Nister.  The artwork is superior - just look at their delicate faces.  The postcards are flat with soft colors.    We had magnets made of this image and gave them to friends as Christmas gifts.  One of our favorites!

The artist, Outcault, is known for his humorous artwork starring a little boy with his dog. These often appear on advertising postcards.  Here they stray into the romantic arena with an enthusiastic Valentine declaration.  This flat postcard was published by Tuck and has a drawing of our heroes on the back in the message section. 

Below is another flat Valentine postcard with an unusual poem - just the sort of comparison children might come up with, and all the more charming for that reason. 

Below is a remarkably colorful image, an unsigned design by Frances Brundage.  A little girl with long blonde curls and a flower-bedecked dress blows bubbles with an old-fashioned bubble pipe and soap suds.  There is a butterfly in the lower left section and Cupid floats in the biggest bubble, holding a red heart.  This postcard has nice embossing and outstanding colors - very vivid!  Printed in Germany; no publisher given.

To the left we see pretty children inside a heart with a profusion of flowers creating an eye-catching design.  This is an embossed Valentine published by Tuck from the "Valentine Postcards" Series.  Pastel colors, sweet rosy faces on the children dressed in classic Victorian clothing.  

Here is an exceptionally bright fantasy image signed by Ellen Clapsaddle, with an elfin child in a pot of red roses, all set inside a white heart.  An embossed image, this is published by International Art and signed by the artist at lower right.   
The last image in our post of Valentine children is an entry from a special series by Frances Brundage where her wide-eyed children are shown with humorous Valentine messages in kid-style writing.  The one shown begins, Dearest of All the Dears.  The children are embossed.  Printed in Germany with a logo of paintbrushes going through an artist's palette with the letter G inside.   


Price Estimates:  Valentine postcards are plentiful and great examples can be acquired without spending too much money.  As always, condition counts.  Embossing and gilding add to the value, as does superior artwork.  The postcards in this post range from about $5.00 to about $20 depending on rarity and quality.  Because Valentines vary so widely in their designs, this is a fun holiday to collect - you can choose your  favorite type of images to create a collection with your selected Valentine's Day theme.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.