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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ellen Clapsaddle HALLOWEEN Postcards

This post celebrates the colorful Halloween postcard designs of Ellen H. Clapsaddle, a prolific  and well-loved artist who is reported to have created over 2,000 images for postcards at the beginning of the 1900s.  

The following postcards are published by International Art Publishing Co. and have rich embossing.   The black cat above is not labeled with the name of a publisher.  It is also embossed.and signed at the lower left edge.  Inside the pale yellow moon is printed Painting Only Copyrighted by S. Garre 1909.

Clapsaddle designs feature children with gentle expressions.  Above is a whimsical little boy and below is a young witch with her black cat perched on a huge jack o' lantern.  
Here we have a pair of sweet blonde children peeking over the top of an enormous jack o' lantern.  Perhaps the white outfit on the little girl is an old-fashioned ghost costume. 

Clapsaddle combined traditional symbols of Halloween with lighthearted images of cheery children and jolly jack o' lanterns to create these postcard designs, leaving the scary illustrations to other artists.  We especially like the pumpkin figure below, constructed like a snowman, with a basket hat and twig arms.  Don't miss his wooden shoes.  The International Art Publishing Co. designs are signed by the artist.

Below is a young witch in a red and white outfit with a tall witch's hat.  She has a hollow pumpkin filled with little envelopes of happy wishes.  Her smile continues Clapsaddle's cheerful theme.  Another similar design with a smiling young boy  features a harvest design along with the pipe-smoking carved pumpkin. 
Below is one of the most famous Clapsaddle International Art Publishing Co. Halloween designs, a mechanical postcard with light embossing and a movable arm holding a big jack o' lantern.  

Below are two dramatic flat postcard designs published by Wolf & Co.  The black backgrounds make the colors on these charming designs seem especially bright.  The artist's signature appears on the hem of the little girl's dress, although not visible on the little boy's outfit.  At the bottom of his right shoe is printed Wolf & Co. Phila.

Price Estimates:  Ellen H. Clapsaddle Halloween postcards are popular and many collectors seek them out.  The more readily available designs may be found for about $25 - $35 each, while the scarcer designs, including those on black backgrounds above, may reach $100.  The mechanical postcard sometimes appears without its arm or with other damage, probably because it was fun for children to play with.  In fine condition, it can cost up to $250 or more.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.