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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burnin' Love VALENTINE Postcards

As Valentine's day approaches, it seems the right time for a selection of antique Valentine postcards with the theme of turning cold-hearted objects of affection into warm-hearted lovers.  These flame-themed images from a variety of publishers make a bright collection.

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beautiful Frances BRUNDAGE VALENTINE Postcards

Frances Brundage was an artist with several different styles, all distinct.  Some of her illustrations are quirky and fun, some cute and some are downright odd.  However, she was an accomplished artist at creating jewel-colored exquisite images, too.   In this post, we look at some of my favorites - her images for beautiful Valentines.  These are unsigned, embossed, divided back postcards.

Above is a complex design of a little girl blowing bubbles with an old-fashioned pipe.  She holds a cup of bubble mixture and Cupid appears in the biggest bubble.  A butterfly and a rosy skyline complete the image.

Below is Cupid in green, quiver at the ready, wearing a sultry expression.  Cupid appears on a solid silver background holding a garland of flowers.  Fine detailed embossing, and the usual delicately-rendered beautiful face of a Brundage figure.    

Here we see Cupid at work washing a big red heart with a scrub brush and a bowl of suds.  The fine image of the kitten is another testament to Brundage's artistic skill.

Below is a little girl looking out her window, set in a big red heart with a gold rim.  The card is especially bright, with lots of intense red color, including a burning torch, fields of rosy flowers in the background and red floral garlands.   

This Valentine shows a sweet-faced girl with her puppy dog, where the background is a field of purple violets.  Again, rich and detailed embossing adds to the overall effect.  Brundage's unsigned work can often be identified by the big soulful eyes and soft, flowing hair on her characters. 

Some of the most treasured die-cut Hold-to-Light Valentines have images by Frances Brundage.  Here are two  -  above, children embrace while an Angel lights the heart in a streetlamp.  Below, a little sailor uses the pump and an Angel catches red hearts in a basket.  These are both full of die-cut glowing details that shine when held up to a light.

I wanted to include another Frances Brundage Valentine, one of the series collectors often call Shy Children.  Each Valentine has a love note and cute little youngsters. You can see how dramatically different a style Brundage uses for this series...white backgrounds and the big notes take up most of the space with little almost cartoon-like images of the children adding splashes of color.  This is a charming and amusing series, and not difficult to find.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The prices for Brundage Valentines like the ones featured in this post range from about $25 - $65, with the die-cut Hold-to-Light Valentines being the most expensive.  Her other designs, with cute or quirky designs cost about $5 - $10.  Note:  her Valentines with Black children are high-priced.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.