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Saturday, June 20, 2015

GOOD LUCK Swastika Postcards

Before the Nazis started using the swastika, this ancient symbol was used to convey friendly wishes and good luck.  It appears on numerous antique postcards in various forms.  We open with a great image that shows the swastika with other good luck symbols.  On the back there is a description of the symbols.  A flat, divided back postcard. 

This card has vivid colors, rich embossing and gold added to the design.  It is one of a bright series of divided back postcards.

This is from another series of embossed swastika postcards with bright gold - note the Dickens quote.

Here is another colorful flat divided back design with lots of Good Luck symbols, including a rabbit's foot.  Each has a poetic description.  

Below is a scarce swastika card that shows the relationship of American Indians with the symbol.  It has a fabric swastika and the notation (bottom left) sew this on your necktie for good luck.

Swastikas also appear on holiday postcards.  Below is an embossed Christmas example.

Swastika symbols for Good Luck are an intriguing collectors' niche...if you wish to collect these, look for examples both online and at shows.


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