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Friday, July 10, 2015

Artist signed Postcards: ARTHUR BUTCHER

Arthur Butcher was an English illustrator, born in 1877 in Wood Green, London.  His artwork was reproduced as postcards. 

The images in this post are flat postcards from the World War I era with English and French captions.  Butcher was adept at adding glamour to illustrations of women affected by the war.

We open with a woman in military attire with the caption Fall in and follow me!

Here a woman at home thinks about her beau at the front.

This is a colorful image of a sultry woman representing Serbia with the caption Freedom for ever!

This more demure image of Somebody's Darling has a stamp on the back that shows it was sold from a shop in Lisbon.

The two risque images in silhouette below are in a different style, but clearly signed with Arthur Butcher's signature: 

The postcards in this post were all published by Inter-Art Company of London.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

JULY 4th Postcards TUCK Series #109

Happy Independence Day!  

On this special birthday, we look at a vivid series of July 4th postcards published by the British company Raphael Tuck & Sons.  I recently learned that there is a town in Britain that actually celebrates July 4th with fireworks and feasting, so in the spirit of friendship and letting bygones be bygones, here is a fine Independence Day series of beautifully embossed postcards from the country from whom we liberated ourselves!

The design elements of this series are especially fine - I like the 'shield' of stars and stripes forming the background and the super-bright colors.  All the images feature children.  

On the above cards, July 4th celebration shows the war for independence, music and fireworks.  The young Uncle Sam represents the battle itself, while the postcards of children playing music and setting off firecrackers are about love of country and freedom.

This is the back of the divided back series, showing the series number.

Another image of a child representing a national symbol, the above postcard is of Lady Liberty (sometimes called Columbia) with a flag and fireworks.  The caption says, "Teach him to hold the flag holy and high for the sake of his sacred dead."  A powerful sentiment on an important day!