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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vintage Linen RESTAURANT Postcards

Here's a look at some of the bright linen postcards that promoted American cafes and restaurants about 65-70 years ago.   Part of the 'roadside' collectibles category, these showed the ingenuity of design and vibrant colors that make collecting linen advertising postcards so enjoyable.  Some collectors prefer to focus on specific states, but I like to look for great artwork.  We open with a postcard from the chain of restaurants, Pig' N Whistle, with a fine art deco design set against a black background.  There's advertising information printed on the back.

Above is another colorful linen postcard for a "coast to coast" chain of restaurants with a multiview design embellished with art deco details. This one is from Warren, Pennsylvania.

A huge red lobster adds impact to this design from Allentown's "Favorite Lobster Center."

A Chinese-American restaurant in Washington DC combines images from the restaurant with a silhouette of music and dancing.  On the back, advertising information tells us that the "Lotus has the distinction of being the first Cabaret Restaurant established in Washington."

The modest Sugar Loaf Cafe in Utah has vintage automobiles parked outside - one of my favorite collecting images.  On the back is printed "Gateway to Utah's Famous National Parks."  

This Curt Teich linen advertises two elegant restaurants in Cleveland's "Beautiful Residential Suburbs" - Damon's also had a candy shop in the Hotel Cleveland.  

The Steer Head Cafe in Portland Oregon had a wonderful neon sign showing a white steer head - offbeat signs are a special collecting niche in linen advertising postcards. 

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