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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marie Flatscher CAT Postcards

Marie Flatscher's cats and kittens are just as attractive as her dogs - I especially like the way she gives each animal a unique personality and expression.  This vivid greeting published by Meissner Buch combines the brilliant red of the apples with playful kittens and a green basket to create an outstanding image.

On this Meissner Buch postcard we find the same interest in colorful rings (candies?) that the puppies found so intriguing in our last post.  A divided back flat postcard.

These excited kittens have found yarn in their basket.  Compare to the basket of puppies in our last post.  Another fine Meissner Buch postcard, postmarked 1913.

This Meissner Buch postcard shows Marie Flatscher's red jester doll close-up.  He doesn't have cymbals in this image and the cats can safely indulge their curiosity.  A flat postcard postmarked 1912.

There's no publisher given on this postcard and the finish is more textured than the Meissner Buch smooth surface postcards.  You can tell this is a Marie Flatscher design from the expressive kittens exploring a yellow butterfly.  A flat postcard hand-dated 1925.

We close with a more serene postcard of kittens in a green basket.  Published by Meissner Buch, it is hand-dated 1924.  Flatscher has added bright color to the design with the orange blanket and the blue bows on two of the kittens.  The little white kitten in the foreground is also wearing a delicate necklace with what looks like a tiny bell. Details like this add to the artistry of Marie Flatscher's designs. 


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