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Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: Forget-me-nots

Collecting a favorite flower on antique postcards creates a group with exceptional color for display.  You can choose a flower that has special meaning to you or one whose color coordinates with your decor. Forget-me-nots have an especially friendly/romantic meaning and appear on many antique postcards, making them easy to find.   Here's just an example of forget-me-not greeting postcards.  All are embossed. 

This whimsical sleigh of forget-me-nots drawn by doves is one of my favorites, combining the beautiful blue and white of the design elements with a "floral object" fantasy. 

Above is a lovely classical design with no sentiment - perfect for framing!  Below is another "floral object" with little hearts floating in the smoke from the fantasy locomotive.

This design combines a country scene with the forget-me-nots, and adds a bright golden 'frame' for extra sparkle.  The Congratulation postcard below also has bright gold added to the image as a cornucopia-shaped vase holds the flowers.

In the next post we'll take a look at ROSE postcards - a perennial favorite of collectors.

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