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Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: ROSES

Roses on antique postcards are a classic collecting favorite.  Designs come in a variety of colors and styles:  each of the postcards in this post is from a series of greeting postcards that would be especially fine shown together.  Choose your personal favorite!

The above two Birthday postcards have natural-looking pink roses with rich embossing.

Here are two examples from a series of roses in vases with delicate gold details, brilliant colors and fine embossing.  

This series of fabulous roses labels each with its name in faint lettering, a delightful group to frame.  The first picture in this post is also from this series.

This series of roses in baskets with greetings printed on little banners comes with both baskets and roses in different colors.  

This gorgeous embossed postcard with a silver background is signed at the lower left by C. Klein who created many fine images of nature - her roses are probably the most famous. 

We close with a novelty design postcard, airbrushed color applied to extra-embossed roses around the edges of a Congratulation greeting.  This postcard has carefully applied color and is a fine example of the extra-embossed style. 

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