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Saturday, March 12, 2016

BIG Eggs on Antique EASTER Postcards

Big eggs on antique postcards are great thematic 'frames' on Easter postcards - this post shares some bright fantasy images of chicks and rabbits with giant eggs.  The first two shown have rich embossing, gold lettering and vivid flower backgrounds.

The great big red egg below creates shelter for a rabbit examining decorated eggs.  There's room in there for a little greenery, too.  Pussy willow again represents Spring in the background.  Gold lettering and lovely embossing.

Below are two postcards from the same set showing upright rabbits hiking with colorful Easter eggs inside egg 'frames' with pussy willow decoration.  The neutral background shows off the vivid colors in the sunny outdoor settings.  

Here are a couple of romantic rabbits inside a giant egg - this series is a collector favorite and includes images of kissing rabbits and a mother rabbit with bunnies...all have rich embossing and wonderful artwork.

Our last image shows a big golden egg 'framing' a pretty water scene with rabbits on the outside this time.  Rich embossing and a fine country image with red-sail boat.

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