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Friday, March 18, 2016

PEOPLE in Big Eggs Fantasy EASTER Postards

In the category of Easter fantasy postcards we find people in giant eggs, too.  The postcards shown in this post cover several different series showing children and pretty ladies in eggs, most with nice embossing.  Above, we see one of a series with cheerful children in old-fashioned outfits 'hatching' from big white eggs.  Rich embossing with Spring flowers to add color.  

Holiday collectors will recognize the artwork of Ellen Clapsaddle in this girl wearing an eggshell and holding pussy willow stems, a symbol of Spring.  It's one in a series of embossed Easter fantasy designs published by International Art. 

Here is an unusual photo montage fantasy of a little girl with tinted flowers inside a fancy cart made of a giant egg.  Published in France with a divided back and not embossed.

This glamorous image of a lady in a fetching off-the-shoulder gown has nice embossing and shining gold highlights with art nouveau styling.  Note the stem of pussy willow among the bright flowers.  This is an early undivided back postcard published by MacFarlane.

This lively little girl is inside an eggshell with a German greeting and surrounded by flowers.  Lovely embossing and delicate gold details add to the charm of this Easter image.  

Above is just one of the PFB (Paul Finkenrath Berlin) series of very fine Easter fantasy postcard designs with exceptional artwork, rich embossing and top-quality lithography - all of the designs show children in country attire, giant eggs, gorgeous colors in both the landscape and the sky. 

One of my favorite series with outstanding red backgrounds and pretty girls clustered inside giant decorated eggs...in this example, brown rabbits share the design.  Just charming, with pretty artwork and a super-bright background to show off the subtle shades of the central image.   This card is not embossed.

A risque collecting classic with gorgeous (and apparently nude) women peeking out of big white Easter eggs - cards in this series have both vertical and horizontal designs.  All the women are beautiful!  The dark backgrounds emphasize the brightness of the images.  These postcards are not embossed - they are printed on soft paper which usually shows edge and corner wear.  

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