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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beautiful BIRDS on Antique Postcards

This post focuses on Bird designs, which can be found on all sorts of greetings and holiday postcards - there are many fine Christmas bird postcards for instance, but I'll save those for winter weather.  In this post, we will look at some other bird images, starting with the embossed postcard above.  The beauty of this image is enhanced by a delicate gold pattern in the background that resembles a lacy coral...and the peach-colored roses are gorgeous, too.  This is a simple greeting postcard, so does not cost much but adds a wonderful splash of color to any collection.

Here's another embossed design of a bird carrying a letter in its beak...the bright gold sun rising on the horizon is echoed in gold details highlighting the fancy border and on the bird.

If you like these very Victorian postcards with ladies' hands and flowers, you are in luck as there are many variations of this design.  Also with bright gold and rich embossing, they make a splashy display at a reasonable price. 

A solid golden eagle above brilliant big roses makes an eye-catching image on a Birthday greeting - this embossed design also comes with patriotic greetings.

Here are two tropical birds on flat matte-finish postcards signed by Catherine Klein - brilliant colors and quality artwork make them ideal for framing.  Below is a Klein design of birds flying over water lilies.  They share the sky with a dragonfly. 

Many beautiful postcards without prominent sentiments lend themselves to framing - below is a framed pair that hung on the wall in my office for many years - now it is 'retired' like me...as you can see, the top image in the frame is from the same series as the card that begins this post.   In our eBay store, Postcardiva, you can purchase custom-cut mats that fit antique and vintage postcards.  This allows you to frame an individual postcard in any 5X7 inch frame or adapt multiple-opening frames to fit your postcards perfectly.

 Part of the fun in theme-collecting is displaying your treasures - enjoy!