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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Novelty CUT STAMPS Postcards

In this post, we take a look at one kind of novelty postcards where the illustration is made of cut stamps glued onto the front...above is a classic Chinese design with a man carrying buckets from a stream.  Cut stamps are combined with drawn elements to complete the picture.  I have also shown the back - a divided back postcard printed Made in China.

A slender lady admires a vase of flowers on this image - note that the image here is made exclusively of cut stamps. The back of this card says it was made in Miami, FL and though it has writing on the back, there is no postmark to date it.

Above is a great elaborate cut stamp image that includes a hot-air balloon, a toy ship and a pail along with the figures.  A divided back postcard, it was made in France, and is postmarked 1913.  In this design, the figures' faces are cut from face stamps.

This unusual devil figure riding a broom has a divided back and, in the stampbox, says Made in Hungary.  Printed on the left edge of the back is the description shown above.  It is unused.

This complex cathedral image has many pieces of cut stamps, hand-drawn details, and wonderful colors.  It is the size of a standard postcard at about 3.5 X 5.5 inches, but has a blank back and no information about where or when it was made. 

A brown rabbit goes shopping with a red umbrella on this unusual cut stamp postcard.  Details are added by hand, including a green and brown base for the image.  On a divided back postcard, there is no indication of date or origin, only the words Post Card.

Cut stamp postcards are available in a variety of designs.  The largest group has designs of classic Chinese scenes, but as this post shows, there are many other themes.