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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Favorite SANTA CLAUS Postcards

After 30+ years of collecting antique holiday postcards, I have a Christmas group that includes many Santa Claus images.  This year, I'll share some of them in several Santa Claus posts.  This first post includes random designs I especially like...we open with an unusual lively off-center image with Santa on a white horse surrounded by eager dancing children. It's an unused flat early undivided back postcard...the previous owner has written "Belgium" on the back.  Great colors!

One of my favorite sub-groups of Santa Claus postcards shows him in 'modern' vehicles...Here he has traded his sleigh for an elegant golden auto, loaded with toys in the back.  A pair of mischievous Angels are throwing snowballs...Santa wears a fur-trimmed  blue suit with shining gold details.  Rich embossing adds to this Tuck-published postcard, series C304, with a divided back.

As automobiles grew in popularity, Santa appeared more often in his own auto.  Below he is on his way through a snowy forest in a silver vehicle that must have off-road capabilities to handle such rough terrain!  This postcard has many silver details, rich embossing and Santa wearing a dark purple-brown suit embellished with silver highlights.  It's postmarked 1911.

Of course, in antique postcards, Santa used a variety of ways to reach his destination...here are several different images of him traveling on Christmas eve...

Children run to greet Santa as he rides a miniature train...the little railroad cars are all loaded with toys and treats.

A popular Winsch-back design above shows Santa dropping toys down a chimney as he swoops by on his biplane...don't miss the decorated tree by his side.  A charming flat postcard with Santa in a classic red jacket and blue pants, his hat is decorated with holly.  This is a windy scene with snow blowing past Santa's airplane.  Wonderful artwork, postmarked 1924. 

Here's a scarce image of Santa in a boat, navigating a fast-running river with a load of toys.  Detailed embossing and bright silver light up this unusual divided-back design.

Below, Santa drops toys from a fantastical dirigible in a dark, starry sky with a full moon partially hidden behind a cloud...postmarked 1909, this postcard has rich embossing and a divided back.

A flat French Christmas postcard shows a cheerful Santa beneath a shooting star.  He wears a brown robe and carries a staff.  Baby Angels carry toys and sweets...they are especially delightful, with bright smiles and little white wings.  Fine artwork, published by Meissner & Buch, series 2662.  Postmarked 1930.  

High above a town, Santa uses a telescope from his icy perch on this design with detailed embossing and a divided back.  A light snow is falling in this unusual Christmas image.  

We close this post as it opened, with a scarce European Santa postcard.  Published by M.M. Vienne #281, this sunset design shows Santa with an Angel in the forest choosing a little evergreen tree.  Santa holds an axe, ready to add the tree to his vehicle before he takes off on his night journey.

Sending Happy Holiday wishes from Florida! 


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