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Friday, December 2, 2016

SANTA CLAUS Mail Theme Postcards

In this post, the focus is on a sub-group of Santa postcards where Santa does the job of delivering gifts dressed as a mailman.  At least, that's what I think...of course, I especially like mail-themed postcards, so whether I'm right or wrong about the mailman images shown here, I collect them anyway.   Above, a horse-drawn coach with driver is loaded down in the background while the old gentleman I identify as Santa Claus carries packages in the foreground...a German Christmas greeting completes the design.  Beautiful artwork from Meissner & Buch on a divided back postcard...postmarked in 1916. 

Another German postcard with an early undivided back is postmarked 1903.  This hardworking fellow in striped pants wears a heavy coat and an Express delivery cap.  He has a hefty Santa shape and no beard but an impressive white mustache.  He carries a little decorated tree and packages. This is an "Erika" postcard with a German Christmas greeting.

Here are two beautifully embossed postcards from the same divided-back series with German captions. The whole series shows an unusual blue/green palette and fine artwork.  Above Santa knocks on the door;  below he enters the house with packages, holly and letters.

When it comes to Santa and mail, he receives as well as delivers.  Here are two embossed Christmas postcards showing children delivering their letters to Santa.

This last postcard has shining gold embellishments...it was published by Tuck, series 8619, and also comes with silver highlights.  Santa wears a blue suit, with the children dressed in fur-trimmed winter outfits.  Love the 'St. Niklas' mailbox!   

Happy Holidays - see you in the New Year!

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